Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hello, My name is Paul Smith

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to the Press Conference and Media Preview of the Design Museum's latest exhibition, "Hello, My name is Paul Smith". 

From 15th November 2013 until 9th March 2014 the doors to Paul's mind will open for the world to see and enjoy. 

Although the exhibition focuses on one of Britain's greatest designers, this is not your average fashion show. It allows us an insightful look into the world as Paul sees it, with the hope of inspiring others to witness the beauty all around them.

Taking your first step into the exhibition you're cramped in a small 3m x 3m box, the size of Paul's first shop. It's almost hard to believe that a young man once running this store with his dog Homer would grow to become a worldwide, iconic designer.

However, that is the whole point of this box, explained Paul, "to encourage young people to realise what can be accomplished from such small and humble beginnings".

The exhibition then takes you on a journey through his collections, photography and thought processes: allowing us to grasp an understanding into why the world admires this man so much.

Different recreations of Paul's life appear everywhere; his office, showroom and even the hotel in Paris where he housed his first collection.

Now, Paul's office is known for being chaotic, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Piled high with books, bicycles, rabbits, wooden horses and many more surprises it's clear that this room is filled with inspiration.

But of course, we can't forget about the clothes. A vast white room displays some of the most iconic and memorable of past collections. Rather than displaying them in the conventional chronological order Paul has separated them into 4 types; British tradition, travel, colour and print.

Going behind the scenes of his fashion show, courtesy of Sony, is just one of the treats in store for any visitors of the Design Museum this Winter. The film gives us a closer look at how an idea in one mind can be moulded into a brilliant catwalk worthy collection.

All in all, that is what this exhibition, and Paul's designs, are about. Transforming something that appears so insignificant we refer to it as "nothing" into an amazing, innovative and inspirational idea.

One last parting gift from Paul is a gigantic post it note with the words "Everyday is a new beginning".

And in his world, it is. 

I can't recommend enough that everyone should go down to the Design Museum and see this exhibition in its full glory.

Visit to find out more and purchase your ticket!